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I was born in 1961 in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.

My childhood was quiet, my parents had an excellent relationship. My father was a hardworking man without vices, calm and dedicated to the family.

Despite the dominant role of my mother and her strong character, I saw her trusting her husband in the (few) situations that were beyond her control. Quite a good combination.

The 60s were times of powerful changes in Spain and great social transformations were under way.

In the midst of many personal studies, spurred by my incipient curiosity and thanks to the guidance and insatiable thirst for knowledge of my dear friend Santiago Jubany, we learned with fruition all kinds of knowledge and experienced strong and vehemently innumerable good and bad situations, always transcendent to the mere social and material de facto life.

At 14, I found the Hare Krsna movement of Srila Prabhupada and I though “this is what really matters to me and that will be the basis of my life”. Somehow I knew that I do not belong to the world and the ‘normal’ society”.

My mother died when I was 18 years old and this showed me the fragility of human life. A courageous woman, with four children, with an intense life experiencing the postwar period in Spain, dies at age 49. It seems that everything disappears with death.

That made me aware that I must have the courage and overcome the fear of embracing my life, clear in its direction, but totally unknown to me.

At 19, in March 1981, I leave home and surrender as a Hare Krsna monk at the Nueva Vrajamandala farm in Guadalajara, Spain. I am happily following my destiny towards the unknown. Within a few months, my father finds a partner who helps him to resume his life more or less normally. That confirms my good decision and, incidentally, that nobody is essential.

The monk’s life was not easy, with much sacrifice and total renunciation, but there was an unstoppable sweetness and peace in abandoning everything for an ideal and using all your energies in trying to help others.

In addition, there was time for the study of transcendent works, and austerity helped reflection and fed understanding. It was also a time of camaraderie and extraordinary experiences with my brother monks, traveling throughout all Spain and sometimes abroad, making pilgrimages to India and discovering its mysteries …

After eight years as a monk, I got married and met the ‘real’ world. I was fortunate to adapt my monk activities to my married life and not lose my ideals, since my work was the same as the one I used as a renounced. Before, I gave all the fruit of my labor, now I used it to subsist independently and keep an emergent family.

I started a Bhakti yoga center in Tenerife. It seems everything is OK. My own center, my work, my adorable wife and soon after she becomes pregnant with a much wanted son …

Our second son comes. Soon, we start looking for an ideal place to educate our two dear children Aryuna and Nitai who are already 4 and 2 years old.

But then, Yukari falls sick with cancer, endures an operation, and we begin a period focused on her healing. In 1999, we emigrate to Australia accepting the offer of a wonderful school for our children and looking to turn around the distressing situation of her serious illness.

After a few months, my wife passes away in Australia, happy to see us well situated. In 2004, I return to Spain and raise my children on my own.

In earlier 2004 and thanks to my dear friend Ezequiel, I start to imbibe and practice the GTD method and many other organization and inspiration disciplines, based in neuroscience. All the vast philosophical baggage acquired in past years, adds on and pays back.

Now, in 2019, my teenager sons have their independent life. It is as if I had survived and returned to the place where I came from bringing a transformative vision, the result of my experience, which I try to extend around me.

Everything that has happened to me until now is an essay to act as my true self and to find and speak with my true voice.

I invite you to join me in the process of self discovery that will last as long as we are alive, and further.

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